Free Mixtape from Starfucker

Last month, to coincide with the release of their new album Reptilians, indie darlings Starfucker (or STRFKR, their censor friendly tour/radio moniker) gave their fans a free album mixtape, featuring mashups of some their songs with rappers like 50 cent, Gucci, Lil Wayne, and others.

Starfucker – Mixtape
Mixtape #1 by starfucker_usa

I embedded Reptilians below, if you missed it the first time around. The songs are catchy, electro-dance that sounds like what I had hoped for when listening to MGMT’s disappointing last album. Repitilians gets better with each listen, making you want to hit repeat to hear more of their instantly accessible hook laden pop. I missed them in concert the last time they rolled through Orlando, I can’t make the same mistake again.

Starfucker – Reptilians
STRFKR – Reptilians by Polyvinyl Records