James Drake – A James Blake versus Drake Mashup Mixtape

There’s been some classic hip hop-indie mashups mixtapes in the past, Big Boi vs the Black Keys, Jay Z vs Death Cab for Cutie, Lil Wayne vs Grizzly Bear, Tor vs Sufjan Stevens, and now we can add another worthy companion. Philly DJs Bombe and Mr. Caribbean combine the post-dubstep stylings from 21 year old Londoner James Blake with slowed down vocals from Drake to produce a strange, intoxicating feel. Mr. Caribbean suggests listening to this while “sipping on Robitussun & Alize in an abandoned Cathedral” with a “sexy stranger on a dark night.” Insane quote, I love him for that. Anyways this is evidence that these two should join forces to create non-remix musical fusion immediately. The mixtape comes in at a short 30 minutes, so you can download the tracks below individually and/or listen to it all at once on soundcloud:

Download: James Drake Mixtape

James Drake Mixtape – Bombé & Mr. Caribbean by Bombé