Mixtape: Leann Grimes

I don’t normally dig sample albums but the self-titled debut by Leann Grimes really grabbed our attention. He threw this in our dropbox a few weeks back and I’ve been listening to it more than I thought I would. The awesomely named Leann Grimes is 24 year old Shane Conerty from beautiful Asheville, North Carolina and he only samples the best in his mixtape, tweaking each song to make it his own creation. Here’s what he had to say about his project.

This album was inspired by music blogs. And it was made to show my appreciation for them. Each track on the record features a sample of an indie band I have found specifically on a music blog in the recent past. The tracks are humble arrangements of bands that I really enjoy and it’s my hope that people that enjoy this album will seek out the bands I’ve sampled and support them as well.

Aww that makes us feel all good inside. He’s dropping his second mixtape soon, so make you hop on this before the next one rolls out. Check the sample tracklist, listen to a few songs, and if you like what you hear, hit the jump for the full mixtape download:

1. “Cats & Dogs” and “Coeur D’alene”, by The Head and the Heart
2. “Egyptain Robe”, by Miniature Tigers
3. “Memory Boy”, by Deerhunter
4. “Got To Move”, by CAKE
5. “Under Cover Of Darkness”, by The Strokes
6. “Shadow People”, by Dr. Dog
7. “Mrs. Cold”, by Kings Of Convenience
8. “Excuses”, by The Morning Benders
9. “One Last”, by Avi Buffalo
10. “Mary”, by Yellow Ostrich
11. “World News”, by Local Natives
12. “Keep Me In Mind”, by Little Joy
13. “Summersong”, by The Decemberists
14. “The Wild Hunt”, by The Tallest Man On Earth

[audio:http://www.toogoodforradio.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/07/11-Local-Asheville-News.mp3|titles=11 Local Asheville News]

Download: Leann Grimes – Local Asheville News (Local Natives)

[audio:http://www.toogoodforradio.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/07/05-Under-Cover-Of-Dirt-and-Grime.mp3|titles=05 Under Cover Of Dirt and Grime]

Download: Leann Grimes – Under Cover of Dirt and Grime (The Strokes)

[audio:http://www.toogoodforradio.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/07/Shanes-Bay.mp3|titles=Shane’s Bay]

Download (new song, not on mixtape): Leann Grimes – Shane’s Bay (from Beruit’s The Rip Tide)

Download: Leann Grimes Mixtape