MIXTAPES: Charles Hamilton – C.A.T.S. Can and Gynophobia 2

We’ve all been rooting for our boy Charles Hamilton to make a comeback. The 24 year old forever underground rapper has had an incredible up and down life so far. He was on the XXL Freshman Cover with Asher Roth, B.O.B. and Wale, and despite having more lyrical talent than all 3 combined, he’s the only one to not hit it big yet. Hamilton got dropped from Interscope mere months before his debut album was to come out. Then things quickly went from bad to worse. A video leaked where he and his ex-girlfriend trade bars about each other and the end result is her punching him in the face (admittingly Charles comes off much better than her in the video). He was later admitted into a mental hospital, and most recently he’s been in prison/rehab for allegedly punching a police officer. Now that he’s fresh out, he’s wasting no time getting back to the music, putting out 2 mixtapes in the last few day, to add to a mindbogglingly impressive 40 total mixtapes in 4 years.

Here’s what Charles had to say about C.A.T.S. Can:

While incarcerated/in rehab, the only thing I could think about is Beyonce. Which makes a lot of sense. I have an offer to be on the Roc Nation roster, Beyonce is Silver the Hedgehog, I’m in a relationship with Simone Marshall, and I swear Sha-liek is J Dilla. Even if he isn’t he’s still one of my best friends. But again, I wrote one of my deepest love songs to something he produced (“Water Star”, “Air Conditioner” and now “B In the Rain”). On another note, C.A.T.S. taught me to not be afraid of my 3rd eye visions. So “C.A.T.S. Can” is a lot harsher than my previous work, with production from 9th Wonder, Sha-leik and myself.

The good news is that he’s back, the bad news is C.A.T.S. Can is not some of Charles’ best work. We don’t outright hate it like some publications, but it’s very uneven. The song getting the most attention is “Cats Said I Can’t Diss You (9th Is Cool Tho)” where Sonic goes over the banging 9th Wonder beat “God’s Stepson” and disses everyone and anyone in the rap game. Weezy, Jay, Cudi, Wiz, Ross, Waka Flocka, no one is safe. Not to mention the whole mixtape contains numerous references to Charles wanting to get with Beyonce. It’s controlled (maybe) chaos. 9th Wonder didn’t even know he’d be featured, tweeting the other day:



Download the second mixtape Gynophobia 2: Fear of Beyonce below.

There’s no rapping on this one, just Sonic cutting up some Beyonce songs to continue the theme/fantasy:

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