NEW MIXTAPE: Frank Ocean – Nostalgia, Ultra

Well in that last post, Donald Glover raps on the All of the Lights instrumental “…I wanna fingerblast to Frank Ocean.” Who’s Frank Ocean? Well if you’re a fan of this site, you know how much I love and talk about the demented, ski-mask wearing group Odd Future and he’s yet another one of the incredibly young and talented members. He just released a mixtape without the help of his record label Def Jam and it’s super swell. Venting about his decision to drop the record his way, he tweeted on March 1: “i. did. this. not ISLAND DEF JAM. that’s why you see no label logo on the artwork that I DID. guess its my fault for trusting my dumbass lawyer and signing my career over to a failing company. fuck Def Jam & any company that goes the length of signing a kid with dreams & talent w/ no intention of following through. fuck em. now back to my day. i want some oatmeal and toast. brunch swag.”

Swag is right, this is the real deal. He sounds nothing like the other members of Odd Future but still carries himself with the same confidence. Mr. Ocean is one of the leader of the new movement sweeping the underground scene called PBR&B for his smooth indie sounds. He is who Drake wants to be. In Nostalgia, Ultra, he sing songs over MGMT’s Electric Feel, Coldplay’s Strawberry Swing, The Eagles “Hotel California, among others. Below you can listen and download my favorite off the album, “novacane” where Frank sings about falling in love with a college porn star/dentist wannabe he met at Coachella who makes him smoke novacane out of a bong…

Frank Ocean – novacane
Frank Ocean – novacane by Too Good For Radio

Download the whole album here from mediafire.