Download Pusha T’s “Wrath of Caine” Mixtape

Pusha T “Wrath of Caine” is the new mixtape that has been highly anticipated. It is now available for download and streaming.

This may be new music, but his gaudy, street flow is the consistent feel Pusha T is known for. “Gritty” is the word most often used to describe his style, but perhaps it’s the kilos of powder being drawn into every line. This delivery of original tracks from @Pusha_T has pacified the need for his luxurious depictions of a dope boy psyche in an often exaggerated reality. It all makes for a glamorous story about a fast lifestyle not many get an opportunity to give insight on. He is no hero, but a legend in his own mind, and the confidence bleeds into us as we listen and begin to feel the cocky, catch me if you can, attitude.

It’s been over a year since his weakest album yet, ‘Fear of God II: Let Us Pray.’ The “album” was more of an extension of ‘Fear of God,’ which was released earlier with many of the same songs. Although the fans are thankful for the features from the now, Grammy nominated artist, on classics like ‘Mercy.’ Such an absence called for a higher standard of music to be expected. It was relieving to hear a solo project from the G.O.O.D. Music artist as a prelude to his album, My Name Is My Name, due in March (more like September – December).

Download Pusha T “Wrath of Caine” Mixtape