Album Stream & Review: Wally Clark – “Rae n Ghost Remixtape”

wally clark

If you have never heard of Tampa producer Wally Clark, you’re sleepin big time. The “Rae n Ghost Remixtape” is Hip Hop gold. Where most people would not touch Raekwon or Ghostface Killah acapellas for fear of failure or aggravating the true Hip Hop heads, Wally executes the blend with precision. He captures the sound you would expect to hear from Raekwon or Ghostface original albums, while still leaving his own creative touch. You can download the album and name your price HERE. If you are digging this album, make sure to donate or at least follow him on Facebook for new releases.

In light of this album release I felt it prudent to let everyone know that Ghostface Killah will be performing live with live band Adrian Younges Venice Dawn May 19th at The Orpheum in Ybor city . Opening this show are some of Tampa’s most talented Hip Hop artists including Infinite Skills, Prince,  BC, and yours truly FLA ALL DAY. For tickets and additional information call 727-324-3628.