Bon Iver: Noted Grammy Hater, Gets A Grammy Promo

If someone could please explain to me how they can comfortably sit through a Bon Iver song and thoroughly enjoy it, I will give you all the money in my savings account, my car and my first-born child. With that out of the way, the “band” is nominated for some pretty big Grammys this year, including Record of the Year, Song of the Year and Best New Artist. It is not a new revelation that the deciders of the Grammy nods must be completely deaf and/or 75 years old.

Although they won’t be performing that night, (thank you, baby Jesus) they are included in a “We are Music” commercial spot created by the Recording Academy. Adele, Foo Fighters and Skrillex were also honored with their own spots.

This Bon Iver video is something you would expect to see along with their music, a cold, wintery scene and some guy’s silhouette being made out of bits of nature. If I see this commercial on TV I am changing the channel so fast that I will probably break a rib reaching for the remote. The video isn’t bad; it is simple, short, and somewhat creative. I just don’t think hearing Bon Iver in the background is going to get anyone pumped to watch the Grammy’s.

The Grammy’s air February 12th at 8pm on CBS. Troy will be live-blogging the musical fiasco.