Chief Keef Possibly Impregnated a Sixth Grader

cheif keef sued by sixth grader

THAT’s that shit I don’t like. 17 year old Chief Keef, real name Keith Cozart, has been sued for child support and health care by a MIDDLE SCHOOLER! Woof. At the oldest, she’d be in eighth grade now, and the possible misdemeanor occurred in 2011. Just another case of the rapper who shoulda wore a wrapper. Not surprisingly, Chief Keef is currently in juvey for violating his parole, because he was waving a gun in a recent music video. To sum up: Chief Keef is a smart person.

Chief Keefster regularly raps about coke, informants, and gang life. He’s rumored to have Asperger’s Syndrome, which would make him the most talented autistic rapper ever. To get an idea of IRL Chief Keef, check out an incredibly awkward conversation with Childish Gambino.

Video: Donald Glover interviews Chief Keef
(Troy & Abed this is not)