Congress May Pass Bill to Make Music Streaming a Felony


Owners of websites who stream music and videos without the permission of copyright holders could be prosecuted as felons if Congress passes a new bill from top copyright cop Maria Pallante. That’s right music lovers, you could receive five years in jail for streaming a Michael Jackson song, which is one year more than Dr. Conrad Murray received for killing Michael Jackson.

Maria Pallante says her top priority would be to make it a felony to stream copyrighted songs or videos without permission. It is currently a felony to distribute illegal copies of copyrighted works for download, but websites such as Google’s YouTube, Soundcloud, Grooveshark, and many others, that offer unauthorized streams are only guilty of a misdemeanor. That’s essentially saying “Durrr speed tickets aren’t working, people are still speeding. Let’s make speeding a felony.”

This woman is the same devil who recently banned cell phone unlocking. If you are caught unlocking your phone, first time offenders could face five years in jail and a nice $500,000 check to the government. This is a clear violation of our property rights, since you paid for the phone. Apparently owning it and paying for it are two separate things.

The new bill will also affect many online and independent radio stations, which are currently being bullied into going off-air by Comcast and ClearChannel. Pity the poor bastards who want an alternative to 100% Ryan Seacrest approved songs streaming from billionaire monopolistic corporations.

Even though studies show pirated albums sell more than non-pirated albums, it will now be a felony to help promote a product that may otherwise go unheard. This bill will help no one but studio executives and privatized prisons, while hurting both artists and fans.

Pallante testifies before the House Judiciary Committee on Wednesday. Contact your Congressman today to let them know that SOPA supporter Pallante hasn’t read or is severely confused by the Bill of Rights.