Beyonce Faked The Star Spangled Banner, Just Like Her Pregnancy

beyonce faked pregnancy

Beyonce has been caught lip-syncing yesterday’s performance of the Star Spangled Banner at President Obama’s inauguration. A spokeswoman for the United States Marine Band stated that Beyonce “did not actually sing” live, and handed them a vocal track “at the last minute.” Rumors have swirled for years that she lip syncs live, as you can find videos on YouTube of her falling while the singing continues without a hitch. This would make Beyonce the Lance Armstrong of singing.

Additional lip syncing reports from live eyewitnesses, courtesy of the DCist:

The morning was capped off by the singer Beyoncé, tapped to perform the national anthem. Given her celebrity lustre and well-awarded vocal range, expectations in the crowd were high, so it was a letdown when a pre-recorded audio track blared out of the speakers while members of the Marine Band pantomimed their notes. Clarkson’s turn was done live.

Few begrudged Beyoncé as they shuffled out of the National Mall and Capitol seating areas and back across Pennsylvania Avenue for the slow march home. “That’s a little disappointing,” Stefani Zinerman, a Brooklyn resident, said. “But it is the age of technology. You do what you need to do.”

Video: Beyonce Lip-Syncs Star Spangled Banner

Speaking of fakery, let me throw a conspiracy at you. Beyonce possibly faked her pregnancy and hired a surrogate like many celebrities before her. Here’s the smoking gun where her big belly deflates as she sits down. This is called birth-syncing.

beyonce faked pregnancy

Video: Beyonce’s Pregnant Belly Deflates

That banner pic is Beyonce just named GQ’s #1 Sexist Woman in the 21st Century. She apparently lost 60 pounds in 4 months after giving birth and was in skinny jeans within two weeks, all while caring for a newborn. Jessica Simpson envys you.

Here’s a few pictures of Beyonce concealing Blue Ivy as if it was a bomb. She’s either disgusted by her demon baby, carrying a fake doll, or hiding Blue to make a big tabloid payday down the road. Probably the latter.

beyonce faked pregnancy

We can’t see Blue Ivy, but we will be forced to see Beyonce on Feb 3rd, when she will lip-sync again at this years Super Bowl Halftime Show.

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