Diplo Makes Himself Relevant By Slamming Coachella

In a tweet that has now been deleted, Diplo went ahead and tried to make himself look cool and indie by completely bashing 99.9% of this year’s Coachella lineup.

maybe im just throwing shade but coachsmella looks pretty lame this year.. u used to be a place to check out new bands/music.” He also wrote, “besides snoop and dre thats boss shit right there” and “its like bootleg ultra w a few bands that are ‘safe’.

Oh that makes sense. You are pissed because “Coachsmella” (nice one) used to be a festival to check out new bands, but the only acts you didn’t condemn are in their mid 40’s and were already involved in hardcore gang violence by the time most of the Coachella audience was even born . Don’t worry, Diplo. The N.W.A anger that Dre had seems to be gone, he won’t bust a cap in your ass if you call him an old foggie.

After everyone on Twitter called him a dumbass, Diplo tweeted:

Why Whenevr I talk shit its a headline? #coolstorybro

Where did you go to school? I know there is a 140 character limit but that’s no excuse to ignore grammar, correct spelling, and basic human decency. Oh wait, you went to UCF for a few years. Someone is obviously just a little bitter about not being selected. Like I told Patrick from the Black Keys, get off of Twitter and do something about it and maybe next year you can be on the opposite side if the Coachella bashing.