Flo Rida’s “Beamz DJ Toy” Infomercial is a Nightmare

Rapper Flo Rida Is Selling a Laser DJ Toy Called Beamz® By Flo

Great, another reason for people to think that they are DJs. Flo Rida brings to the public, the Beamz® by Flo. It is a tool that allows the user to create sounds by passing their hand (or maybe any object) through laser paths. The device is reminiscent of a Theremin, the tool made famous through the Star Trek theme song. Basically, you end up looking like you are playing Fruit Ninja while making weird noises. I am excited for the possibility of people doing cool things with it though (however slim that chance may be). Judge for yourself, the commercial can be found below. Total price: $275

Editor note: This post allows me to include one of my favorite pictures, created by the talented Bo Burnham:

flo rida beamz dj