Interview & Downloads: Simon SMTHNG

Simon SMTHNG is a young recording artist, producer, videographer, DJ, and remixer who’s been featured twice on Too Good For Radio, with his remixes of The Weeknd and Amy Winehouse. Dude’s about to blow up with his unique sound, obscure samples, and head-bobbing beats. Stream his newest album and check out our interview below:

Songs That Aren’t On The Radio by Simon SMTHNG

2G4R: Introduce yourself:

My name is Simon SMTHNG and yeah. Currently 19. Been making music the past 3 years, til infinity.

You attend Winter Park’s Full Sail University. Recently the other FSU has been a sonic powerhouse, with graduates mixing or engineering every Album of the Year Grammy nomination last year.. is Full Sail the real deal? How has Full Sail made you a better musician?

Full Sail is decent, best for networking. I feel that going into the program, you either are a good musician or aren’t. While there’s some new tricks I’ve picked up since being there, it’s all up to the person.

You’re very versatile, wearing hats as an recording artist, DJ, remixer, producer, videographer, and more. What do you enjoy the most, what do you think you’re best at, and what do you envision yourself doing the longest?

This is probably the worst answer ever, but I enjoy it all equally haha. I will say that the majority of the things I do, all kinda circulate around my recording. I’ve been on hiatus for awhile from recording, due to health, but music in general is my plan for the foreseeable future.

What are your favorite songs you’ve made and why?

“Grabbagunanusitmusic” and “Off To Be On” off of The Hornet’s Next; Surfer On Acid, The Amy Winehouse tribute I did “Longing to See”… it’s an ever changing thing. Truthfully, a lot of my favorite tracks are unreleased right now.

Surfer on Acid by Simon SMTHNG

What’s your favorite song(s) of 2011?

The Weeknd’s House of Balloons was fuego, especially Coming Down. “Niggas in Paris” By Jay and Ye, Kendrick Lamar’s “Poe Man’s Dreams”, Ab-Soul’s “Picture That”, All of Thundercat’s new LP… There’s too many to name. So much good music is still being made, people just gotta stay vigilant about finding it.

What’s your dream collaboration once you become a famous superstar?

I wanna collaborate with Flying Lotus on both the producing and rapping side of things, James Blake, Andre 3000, all of TDE, MF DOOM(!!!), Thom Yorke.. Those are the main ones

If you could make an obscure artist or band more famous, who would it be?

Quasimoto. Everyone should rap along to “Shroom Music” at least once in their life.

What’s your favorite venue (either to catch a show or perform)?

It’d be so creepy if I said my bed right now… But honestly, all of my shows, the different venues good or bad, they were all meaningful to me. far as other shows, one of the colleges back home would host the orchestra there. Above anything else, I like hearing live orchestras.

Tell us about your upcoming EP and what we can expect from it.

The upcoming Rêves EP is a collaboration between myself, and Jade Lawhon. She had reached out to me after hearing the remix did to MF DOOM, and the music just clicked. Should be something different for the people to listen to.

MF DOOM vs. AiS – Vmt by Simon SMTHNG

Can we catch you performing live anytime soon?

I may have one this month at the Haven lounge. I definitely have one on October 30th, Fresh Ave is throwing a huge Halloween event. Be sure to check for details.

Anything else?

You can listen to new music at my Soundcloud, Twitter, and Bandcamp.