LMFAO Makes Baby Jesus Cry – A Counterpoint For Santigold

Point, now counterpoint.

This is the direct quote from Stereogum.com:

“I’m disappointed with the state of music right now, but it’s not really about anybody specific. I think there’s a lack of true art, and the fanfare is valued over actual substance. It’s like you don’t have to make good music to be fucking huge. Now, I’ll say that, and all the little kids will be like, “Fuck you. I hope you die.” [laughs] Don’t let them think you dissed Lady Gaga!

I watched a music awards show last year and started crying afterwards. I just felt really sad that people go along with stupid wack shit. I’m sorry, but LMFAO performed at the Super Bowl? Aren’t they a joke band? That type of shit makes me cry. I’m like, “Really?”

Musicians speaking their heart should be something that’s rewarded, not shamed. It reminds me of a time when a young Fiona Apple fought back against an over-commercialized MTV culture 15 years ago (before Google was invented and before trashing MTV was “cool”). Watch the video and you may find respect for someone who put to words what so many are afraid to do.

This world really is bullshit, and seeing someone speak so freely is so refreshing, like when Toto opened the wizard’s curtain. Flashing forward to now. Santigold’s words are not without merit.

Guess what? LMFAO is made up of the son and grandson of the founder of Motown Records, Berry Gordy. Haven’t heard of him or his 350 million dollars (he’s worth almost two Mitt Romneys)? Well its probably because you are too young or too busy getting ear molested by LMFAO. They bought their way to the music scene the same way Lana Del Rey did; with tons of money, coke and half assed blowjobs.

In what other industry does simply showing up in the most wacky attire possible completely excuse lack of ability? The music didn’t just take a backseat, it didn’t even make it in the Hummer, the backseat is for the “Party Rock Crew” not music, music can’t hold your drugs when you get pulled over for party rocking too hard.

LMFAO sucks so bad that I’ve completely stopped using acronyms. They’ve ruined acronyms for me. You know how much longer it takes me to text shit to people? They even found a way to pop up in the Super Bowl, it was more atrocious than the Patriots receivers.

People SHOULD speak out against these goofs, artists should use every avenue they have to speak about their passion and the truth about the pop music industry.

That said I am not a Santigold fan, nor condone the listening to of
Santigold nor Santigold related materials (nor her alter ego MIA). But FULLY support the bashing of a nonsense group like LMFAO as well as the whole “telling it like it is attitude” that all artists should hold dear…but often times don’t.