My Bloody Valentine Releases First Album in Two Decades

My Bloody Valentine album stream

In an interview with NME last November, Kevin Shields of My Bloody Valentine announced plans for the band’s third album. If this didn’t/doesn’t seem like a big deal, remember that their sophomore album, Loveless, came out when Kurt Cobain was still alive.

In the 22-year break in between Loveless and this month’s m b v, we have seen the death of grunge, the rise of pop, and the demise of many bands influenced by MBV. Needless to say, when m b v was released online at 11:58 pm February 2nd, the server crashed. This was probably because the entire world was trying to download the album at once. Everyone lost their shit. They had been waiting over two decades for this album, so there was no way they would be able to wait five more minutes.

Finally the server got its act together, and the entire album was available. I was only three when Loveless came out so I can’t fully comprehend what it was like to anticipate this album for 22 years, but after listening to m b v I can understand what all the fuss is about. For those who haven’t experienced My Bloody Valentine yet, I recommend you do so immediately. The only negative reactions I have heard about the band and this album is that it’s “just noise”. Isn’t that what all music is? It may be just noise, but it’s beautiful noise that will give you goosebumps and questionable feelings in your genitals. I think is says enough that it’s only February and several music blogs have already proclaimed m b v as “Album of the Year”.

The album is available now and you can stream it below.

Album Stream: My Bloody Valentine – m b v