Pixies Lose Another Kim


Kim Deal’s replacement bassist, Kim Shattuck, has been fired. Shattuck took to Twitter and Facebook last night to express her disappointment of being let go less than three months after starting with the Pixies.

Disappointed to learn that my time w/Pixies ended today. Amazing experience.Focusing attn on Muffs & new album. All the best to everyone.

Shattuck joined the Pixies for their US and European tour dates in June. The Pixies have another set of North American dates starting in mid-January. No word yet as to who will replace Kim #2.

The Pixies are without a doubt, an incredibly influential band. Their desire to still tour and make music is appreciated by their fans, but it’s never the same when an original member leaves. Kim Deal was a gigantic (no pun intended) part of the Pixies and her departure could be a sign of Smashing Pumpkins syndrome fast approaching. The Pumpkins went through a dramatic rotation of new members for the better part of a decade, and now the only original member left is Billy Corgan.

What do you think? When an original member leaves a band as legendary as the Pumpkins or the Pixies, should they be replaced? Should the band take a brief hiatus to figure out what to do, or should they find a replacement immediately? All we can do is hope for the best, but we could soon see a Pixies lineup consisting of just Black Francis and three other constantly rotating musicians.