Say Hello To “Too Good For Radio.. RADIO”, Our 24/7 Streaming Underground Radio Station

too good for radio.. radio

Thank you to everyone who has supported Too Good For Radio in our first year! *confetti rains from the sky* It’s been a lot of fun giving the world a few free songs every day. But now, things are about to get real.

Today we are proud to present 2G4R Radio, a 24/7 rock, electro, and rap radio station that you can play anywhere on any internet device. Take us with you to the beach, while driving, exercising, shopping, reading, basically any place but the shower (unless you have a fancy water proof case, then wow I’m impressed).

We have over a days worth of NEW songs to play you, with additional songs being grabbed from our Soundcloud every day. Even your music will be played on our radio. But that’s not all, no sir! Weekly podcasts, daily mixtapes and specials, classic songs, wacky commercials, resident DJs, and oh so much more.

We’ve created a few daily programs thus far. Every weekday wake up with DJ Rooster’s Wake Up Call from 7-10 AM Eastern Time to help supercharge your morning routine with the newest and hottest electronic hits.

Also Too Good For Radio’s gotta support the local community, tune in to Radio Orlando Monday-Friday from 2-4 PM EST and hear why Orlando’s musicians, rappers, and DJs are cultivating one of the most creative scenes in the world.

Every night we’ll highlight new features, like a banging mix from an artist, a hot mixtape, a Best of the Month playlist, anything that you’d want to play at a party.

Today at 8 PM, we’re airing our 10 favorite Adventure Club mashups. Immediately after, we’ll be playing our of my favorite mashup albums in DJ Bahler’s Free the Snares. It’s also a Tuesday, which means a new episode of Workaholics. Listen to D.Veloped’s Workaholics mixtape before you turn on the television.

At the risk of sounding like a lame-o, let’s make this OUR radio station. Please send us suggestions, comments, concerns, and let us know what you’re thinking. Hate the name Too Good For Radio.. Radio? Awesome! Come up with a better one. How can we make this a better radio station and world for us all?

We will soon make the radio station available in the form of an app for fancy iPhones and Androids, so look out for that.

Lastly, none of this could have been done without one of my best friends, Too Good For Radio photojournalist, and Army engineer Thomas Kehr. He couldn’t find a good radio station to listen to, so he created his own.