The Stone Foxes Combat Homelessness With Goodnight Moon Project

the stone foxes homelessness

The Stone Foxes show that they have plenty to give and have embarked on a mission to give back. In the spirit of the holiday season they present the heart-warming and tear-jerking: The Goodnight Moon Project.

The project is a valiant effort to raise awareness of the homelessness issue through music. The band collaborated with SuperFood Drive to turn each stop of their tour into a resource for the homeless. They teamed up with local food banks and even asked fans to bring non-perishable goods to their shows.

The Stone Foxes’ efforts did not stop at just food; they also offered musical therapy, allowing homeless men and women to sing, share their voice and tell his/her story. Watch the video below for a better idea of what I mean.

The project is really neat and support is encouraged. Their song Goodnight, Moon is available for purchase and if you want more information about the project visit