Will.i.am is the Ultimate Hypocrite, Sues Pharrell

will.i.am sues pharrell

Here’s your mid-day laugh, presented by Will.i.am, who is suing Pharrell for copyright infringement and trademark dispute. This is funny because Will.i.am has stolen at least ten songs, the most recent being Arty & Mat Zo’s “Rebound” sample used in “Let’s Go”.

Will.i.am believes he owns the copyright to the phrase “I AM”. Pharrell had the nerve to set up his own “I am OTHER” brand to promote bright talent online. According to court documents, the phrase “I AM” and Pharrell’s logo is “confusingly similar” to his “i.am+” iPhone camera add-on.”

Pharrell spoke to Rolling Stone magazine and hilarious trolled Will.i.am by saying “I am” four times in three sentences:

I am disappointed that Will, a fellow artist, would file a case against me. I am someone who likes to talk things out and, in fact, I attempted to do just that on many occasions. I am surprised in how this is being handled and I am confident that Will’s trademark claims will ultimately be found to be as meritless and ridiculous as I do.“

Will.i.am now claims on Twitter that he is not suing Pharrell, just like his claims of not stealing songs. This dude is the Carlos Mencia of music and should be treated as such. Let’s hope someday soon, Will.i.am becomes Will.i.was.