Yankees Slugger Robinson Cano Signs Jay Z as His Agent

robinson cano jay z

That’s no April Fools headline*. Robinson Cano, the current best player for the New York Yankees, has dropped infamous agent Scott Boras and replace him with Creative Artists Agency and the new Roc Nation Sports agency created by Jay Z.

*The headline that I and many sports and music publications went with is intentionally misleading. A representative of CAA will be Cano’s agent. CAA is now a partner with Roc Nation Sports which is owned by Jay-Z, who will not be representing Cano during any negotiations. It’s sort of like saying Jay Z has a substantial stake in the Brooklyn Nets, when in reality, Jay Z only owns one 50th of 1 percent of the Nets. (Still, that’s more of basketball team than you or I have)

Regardless, this is one of the best first clients an agency can snag. Here’s hoping the Cano and Jay Z relationship turns out better than the doomed combination of Ricky Williams and Master P!