MP3s: How To Dress Well Covers Janet Jackson

Lo-fi PRB&B outfit How To Dress Well is dropping their upcoming sophomore album Total Loss and if you pre-order now, you receive this heartfelt cover of Janet Jackson’s 1993 classic “Again”. Or you can just download it below. It’s.. *snif, snif*.. beautiful.

How To Dress Well was kind enough to release two other songs for free as well. Check out Total Loss closer “Ocean Floor For Everything” and be sure to hear or buy the rest of the album around September 18th.

1. When I Was In Trouble
2. Cold Nites
3. Say My Name Or Say Whatever
4. Running Back
5. & It Was U
6. World I Need You, Won’t Be Without You (Proem)
7. Struggle
8. How Many?
9. Talking To You
10. Set It Right
11. Ocean Floor For Everything