The 15 Best Childish Gambino Remixes

Gambino fever has swept over the world. Donald Glover’s rapping alter ego has been giving us quality free tunes since 2008, but didn’t really hit it big in the hearts of hipsters until 2010, with the release of 2 mixtapes and the EP Culdesac. Producers have had a field day with his raps, with hundreds of Childish Gambino remixes available online. We’ve already dedicated about 30 posts to Childish Gambino remixes and mashups, so why not one more.

Here’s our fifteen favorite remixes, some of which are new to me and you. Big tip of the cap to mashup artists D.Veloped, wait what, DJ Bahler, and No Pets Allowed. I was wearing 2 hats, and I tip my second hat to talented remixers Star Slinger, Little Dragon, Chief Stockton, DJ Prophet, Samuel Naff, Rekoil, absntCUE, Zachary Zamarripa, DOCO, Architekt, and Donald Glover himself as mc DJ.

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1. Bonfire for Clay (wait what mashup)
2. Freaks and Geeks (Star Slinger Remix)
3. The Childish Games (D.Veloped mashup)
4. Be Alone (absntCUE Remix)
5. All That Shine (Little Dragon Remix)
6. Glory (DJ Prophet Bootleg)
7. The Intermission (Chief Stockton remix)
8. Crystal Hearts (DJ Bahler mashup)
9. Sunrise (Architekt Remix)
10. Put It In My Video (Samuel Naff Remix)
11. You See Me (DOCO Dubstep Remix)
12. Do Ya Riot On Planes? (No Pets Allowed Mashup)
13. Let Me Dope You (Rekoil Remix)
14. Get Like Me (mc Dj remix)
15. Got This Money (Zachary Zamarripa Remix)

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