Album Stream: Billy Van – Retro Punch

billy van

Billy Van is one of the best up and coming dubstep artists around. His first major release called “The Cardigan EP” was released a little over a year ago. Ever since its release I have been keeping tabs on his work and I’m glad that I did. This past Tuesday, Mr. Van released his first full length album, “Retro Punch,” available on Itunes.

Stream Billy Van’s Retro Punch

I really love the style of dubstep BV is producing; the album has a poppy feel with lots of synths that create an upbeat mood. All original releases, most of the tracks can be classified as dubstep instrumentals with awesome drops and tones. However, a couple of tracks are ready for the dance floor. “Can’t Explain” and “Be My Everything” highlight Billy’s background in EDM, and show off his unique style. I highly recommend picking up the entire album or your own personal favorites. Its up on Itunes now and is definitely worth every penny.

For west coast readers, Billy Van will be performing alongside The Green at the beginning of November. Check out BV’s Facebook to get his first release “The Cardigan EP.”