Stream Flume’s New Album to Hear Some of the Best Electronica of 2012

flume album stream

20 year Australian electro phenom Harley Streten aka Flume has won our hearts with his recent self-tilted album, which you can stream right now in its entirety. Flume’s independent album hit #1 on iTunes, toppling Pink and Taylor Swift, and briefly restoring faith in humanity. I just tried to describe Flume to a friend, and.. it was difficult to say the least. Let’s just call these synths-on-blast tracks timeless.

Stream the album below or listen to the album teaser. Buy the set here, and download a few of his tracks off our 100 best songs of November 2012.

Album Stream: Flume – “Flume”

‘Flume’ Tracklist:

2.Holdin On
3.Left Alone feat. Chet Faker
4.Sleepless feat. Jezzabell Doran
5.On Top feat. T.Shirt
6.Stay Close
7.Insane feat. Moon Holiday
10.More Than You Thought
11.Space Cadet
12.Bring you Down feat. George Maple
13.Warm Thoughts
14.What You Need
15.Star Eyes