The Hip Hop Album Of The Year Award Has Been Passed To El P For His “Cancer For Cure”

“So you should pump this shit, like they do in the future.” I am very recently an El-P fan. I didn’t know the guy when he was El Producto, so I can’t say I’ve “been there since the start”, which was a well-received debut album 10 years ago. A bunch of albums and mixtapes later and we have “Cancer For Cure”, which has been five years in the making.

Lyrically few can top El-P, but friends Danny Brown and Mr. Muthafuckin’ eXquire try on “Oh Hail No”.

“Tougher Colder Killer” features Killer Mike and Despot and boosts of bars of death, destruction, and violence.

We featured second single “The Full Retard” (after “Drones Over Bklyn”) on our Best of March Playlist. Listen to the rest of the album over at Rolling Stone, especially the Paul Banks of Interpol and Islands frontman Nick Diamonds features. After listening, hit us up and let us know what your favorite recently hip hop album was.