Album Stream: Monteclair – “We Are Three”

monteclair album stream

Finding new indie rock/pop acts that I like can be really tough. Often times I search for new music endlessly, but sadly, I neither get hooked nor excited from most. Thankfully, Monteclair has done me a favor by producing We Are Three, an EP that hooked me from track one.

The group is made up of Greg Wellham, Steve Mangubat, and Benjamin Kendall Dayman and these guys know how to make great music. First impressions of the EP were that they reminded me of one of my favorite bands Foals. It’s a hard, yet slightly playful sound that has the face of pop, but still has a rock core. A great way to describe it would be road trip music, or better yet, experience music. Try listening to the project and not picturing frolicking, adventures, and antics.

If I had to pick a favorite song, it would have to be “Rosie Tenenbaum”. It’s the song, that I wanted to play over and over again. With that said, it is now your turn to sample We Are Three and pick a favorite. Stream We Are Three and please support with a purchase if possible. The whole EP has 7 songs and only cost $5! Sounds like a bargain.