Stream Odd Future’s New Album “OF Tape Vol 2” & Watch Earl’s First Interview In Years

DJ Peter Rosenberg, who created this J Cole and Childish Gambino collabo for his mixtape, was granted the honor of first interview with young Earl Sweatshirt upon his exile to Samoa. Taco and Tyler the Creator sit in as well, providing a hilariously awkward conversation. Revelations include Earl being sent away at 15 for “fucking up”, Tyler hates taking pictures, and Taco’s the Meg of Odd Future. Ooh that’s gotta hurt.

This month has been big for OFWGKTA. Their Adult swim show Loiter Squad premieres this Sunday, March 25th. Today drops OF Tape Vol 2, their fourth official release from their label. Stream the album below, with wild features from Tyler, Earl in “Oldie”, Taco, Frank Ocean, Domo Genesis, Hodgy Beats, Left Brain, Syd the Kid, Mike G, Jasper, and I’m sure I’m missing someone.

UPDATE 3/23/12: Album Stream has been taken off Grooveshark!

OF Tape Vol 2 by Micah Neufeld on Grooveshark

UPDATE: Now here comes the video for the ten minute closer “Oldie” featuring the entire OFWGKTA crew: