Best Coast Concert Review & Videos – The Social, Orlando 7/9/12

Best Coast kicked off their east coast tour by finally coming to Orlando, and was welcomed by the first sold-out show of the tour.

The band played for about and hour and fifteen minutes, and managed to fit in a Fleetwood Mac cover, the best from their new album, the best from their first album, and songs that “only OG BC fans will know” according to Bethany.

They began with the best songs from Crazy For You, starting with ‘The End’, and leading into ‘Goodbye’, ‘Crazy For You’, ‘I Want To’ and ‘Summer Mood’. ‘The Only Place’, ‘Why I Cry’, ‘Last Year’, ‘Do You Still Love Me Like You Used To’, ‘No One Like You’ and ‘Dreaming My Life Away’ were perfectly mixed in with their classics.

One of the many highlights for me was when Bethany gave into fan’s demands and played Bratty B (an OG BG song). She warned us she might mess it up since she hadn’t played it for so long, and very close to the end she lost it. No one in the audience (that even noticed) really seemed to care. Bethany has a charming stage presence that lets her get away with anything.

The Social was the prefect setting for a band like Best Coast. The entire band was always visible from any side of the stage, and it felt like there weren’t even that many people around you. I was right next to the entrance the band took to the stage, and when they were coming on and leaving they were probably no more than 4 feet away from me. The Social provides an intimate concert experience without being forced on top of people and with the event staff present was world class and upbeat.

The true test to whether a band has talent or not is their live performances. Best Coast sounds almost better live than on their album. Bethany knows when to spare her voice so she can avoid any awkward-sounding moments and it never affected the songs. Their addition of a bassist and a new drummer has only strengthened their live performance. Hopefully Bethany and Bob enjoyed their first Orlando experience and will some back soon.