Courtney Love Covers “99 Problems”

courthey love covers 99 problems

The Queen of calling out people for covering Nirvana in concert has now done a cover of her own. At a Sundance show last week, Courtney Love covered Jay-Z’s “99 Problems” acoustically. While her attempt was admirable, the execution was abysmal. Courtney still has a powerful vocal presence, but the cover was extremely bland. If anyone who was even an ounce more respectable than Love covered this song acoustically it may have been great, but this song was butchered before the first cord was strung.

Her quasi-rapping was almost impressive, until she started to lose her breath and just resort to yelling. Towards the end, she just repeats “ain’t nothing sweet ’bout how I hold my gun”, and ends the song with “I got 99 problems but being a bitch ain’t one”. When she says she has 99 problems, we believe it. Watch the video below.

Courtney Love Covers Jay Z’s “99 Problems”