Video: Kid Bode, Papi Illa, Mr. InTernational – “Controlled Chaos”

ezy wrk

A new movement is in motion from the Ezy Wrk Music Group, and it sounds pretty good. This video comes from three artists: Kid Bode, Papi Illa, and Mr. InTernational. The song “Controlled Chaos” has an apt title, as both the visuals and rhymes present a story of reined in anarchy. The beat is vicious and gritty, perfect to galvanize any listener. The artists all have their own styles, but are able to compliment each other, only adding to the “controlled chaos” motif. Lastly, the visuals are stylish, dark, engaging, and ultimately enhances the experience of the song.

Watch “Controlled Chaos” below and connect with Kid Bode, Papi Illa, and Mr. InTernational via their respective Twitters.