Karen O Doesn’t Know Who Led Zeppelin Is, Covers “Immigrant Song” Anyway

Failure. Your band is failure. It makes me mad when shitty, unbearable bands remake songs they shouldn’t even be allowed to listen to. It makes me even more mad when talentless assclowns (who have more money than I ever will) are apparently clueless about music in general. Karen O of The Yeah Yeah Yeahs (Jesus, how can you morons make anything? Your name isn’t clever, or funny, or interesting. Just stupid.) remade “Immigrant Song” by Led Zeppelin for David Fincher’s upcoming flick The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. The song was produced by Nine Inch Nails Trent Reznor.

Why the fuck would you remake one of Zeppelin’s greatest hits? There are some things in this world that are perfect, and when you “musicians” try to make perfect better you piss all over everything, and it pisses me off. You fucking suck. You aren’t Led Zeppelin. Get cancer.

Oh it gets worse. God, it gets so much worse. Read Karen O’s ignorant comments and listen to the atrocious cover below:

I plead total ignorance to Led Zeppelin. I am totally in the dark about them. That was the reason I could muster up whatever it took to actually cover that song. I didn’t have any reverence for the track as I didn’t really know it. When they asked I thought it was called The Pilgrim Song.

Jesus Christ. How can you be a rock and roll band and know NOTHING about the world’s most famous rock and roll band?! They’re the models that everybody who picks up a guitar should aspire to be. If you think I’m wrong because you’re in a band that’s “progressive” or “edgy” you’re an idiot. Led Zeppelin will always be better than you, and it’s time you faced that as an absolute truth.

This is a perfect example of why I hate so many musicians who currently make music. They’re bad people with zero idea what they’re doing. As someone in the public eye and in the entertainment business, I, the consumer, hold the key to your ultimate success, and when you say retarded things you should be burned at the stake for it really damages your image. She said the experience was “fun and liberating” and that she could do the song however she wanted because she had never really heard it before. Do you understand what COVERING a song is?! You’re ruining everything! She didn’t even know what the song “Stairway To Heaven” was. How does anyone allow you in a recording studio?!

People are pissed at them too:

Unnecessary remake of an excellent song for the soundtrack of an unnecessary remake of an excellent film. Sounds about right.

How can Led Zeppelin let Trent get away with this?

I hope someone drags her out in the street and shoots her in her head.

-Jeremiah Jobling

You took a shit all over one of my favorite songs. Fuck you. Don’t listen to Karen O’s “Immigrant Song”:

In unrelated news, 40 Glocc attempted to strangle his girlfriend to death 3 times in one day. The reason I bring this up is because he was signed to 50 Cent’s G-Unit West. Your image is improving 50!

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