Listen To 4 Songs Off Dirty Projectors New Album

The above videos are the two very good official leaks from Dirty Projectors upcoming new album Swing Lo Magellan, due out July 9th. “Gun Has No Trigger” has a very James Bond theme feel to it, and “Dance For You” puts hand claps in your left ear and a guitar in your right.

Now we have a feel of two more songs, as the Dirty P’s performed a live KEXP session the other day. Check out “Offspring Are Blank” and “The Socialites” streaming over at Fake Walls. We’re really looking forward to the official “Offspring Are Blank”, as that song sounds particularly wild. Stream the whole performance at KEXP’s archive page, picking June 21 and the 9:00 AM show. It starts about nine-ish minutes in.

Dirty Projectors will be here in Orlando August 6th at The Beacham Theater. Tickets here.