New Music Videos: Justice, Purity Ring, The Shins

Justice’s “New Lands” is off last year’s Audio Video Disco and the new cinematic video released today is about as bloody as Passion Of The Christ. “New Lands” is apparently about a futuristic game of football, racing, and murderball. I want to watch a full movie of that please. Stream the new A-Track remix of “New Lands” that can be found on the Justice remix EP.

Purity Ring’s “Fireshrine” is a song about cutting out sternums pulling out ribs, so naturally the video must match that type of weirdness. Purity Ring’s new album is arriving July 24th, but you can hear four songs and watch another video from the Canadian electronica band.

The Shins “It’s Only Life” is a just a wonderful “close your eyes and float effortlessly” kind of song, so the Hiro Murai-directed clip does well capturing that by featuring James Mercer laying down. Oh no wait, it turns out he’s being dragged on the ground by scary monsters in an apocalyptic suburban landscape. My bad.