Video: The Weeknd – Rolling Stone

the weeknd rolling stone

For our fans that don’t keep up with the R&B community, The Weeknd is easily the best up and coming artist out there. Its hard to call him a new artist after being featured on tracks by Lil Wayne and Drake but his individual music still continues to expand. At first listen “Rolling Stone” reminded me a lot of Ellie Goulding’s cover of another Weeknd song “High for This”. Using soft melodic vocals and pitch changes, the Canadian singer creates a trance like sound that pulls you inside. Play this with your special somebody, or cruising alone. The song uses Andre Nickitina’s “Ayo for Yayo” guitar rift but the feeling is completely unique. For current fans check out this track and make sure to look out for the new album “Trilogy” this November; new fans be sure to check out his Facebook for more music.