Download Over 30 ‘Watch The Throne’ Remixes

We couldn’t predict that Lil Wanye would win the battle against both Jay Z and Kanye West, but when it comes to album sales, Weezy kills them. Weezy’s Tha Carter IV beat Jay and Ye’s Watch The Throne by almost half a milli in first week sales alone.

Now how the hell does that happen. While both albums were fun listens, The Throne may be a classic, while no one is saying IV is anywhere near Wayne’s best work, lacking his typical energy and quick wit. There are rumors that Birdman bought up most of those units, but he vehemently (and obviously) denies any shadiness. So even though Young Money fanatics showed out more than the Roc Nation and G.O.O.D. Music combined, in the remix world, The Throne reigns supreme. While “John” and “6 foot 7 foot” occasionally get tweaked, many DJs and rappers are tackling the years ahead of their time beats and the creative dialogue throughout. Here’s the definitive collection of over 30 mashups, freestyles, and remixes of Watch the Throne. We’ll update this everytime a new remix catches our attention:

NIGGAS IN PARIS: here’s a can’t look away, seizure-inducing video by Joseph Maruca for the funniest song title of the year

Jay-Z & Kanye West-Niggas In Paris (Unofficial Music Video) from Joseph Maruca on Vimeo.

UPDATE: Feb 18th 2012 – Hometown Orlando electronica DJ KillaGraham never misses; the dude always hits home runs. Here’s his latest out of the stadium hit, a mashup of Kanye and Jay Z with Chasing Shadows.

J Cole’s “Can’t Get Enough” and Busta Rhymes lightning quick verse over the Paris beat via DJ 2lazy:

Caligula glitches out “Niggas in Paris” and gives it some massive drops. He’s real talented, we’re gonna post his Cris Cab remix up soon.

[audio:|titles=Ni__as In Paris (Caligula’s Remix)]

Download: N*ggas in Paris (Caligula Remix)

We posted this one a few weeks ago, DJ Chuckie mashes in Benny Benassi’s Satisfaction.

[audio:|titles=04 Paris Satisfaction (Chuckie Mashup)]

Download: Paris Satisfaction (Chuckie Mashup)

Our boy DJ Share mixes The Throne watchers with Tiesto “Maximal Crazy“. It’s easy to imagine a crowd going nuts when hearing this seven minute epic.

[audio:|titles=Crazy In Paris (Share Bootleg Mashup)]

Download: Crazy in Paris (Share Bootleg Mashup)

Kanye might be saying “That shit Kreay”. Louie XV thought so, mixing in Kreayshawn‘s Gucci Gucci, a song itself that’s been remixed literally thousands of times.

[audio:|titles=That Shit Cray (Kreay) [Kanye West & Jay-Z vs. Kreayshawn]

Download: That Shit Kreay (Louie XV Mashup)

Busta comes in, throws down a couple bars then disappears the rest of the song:

[audio:|titles=Niggas In Paris]

Download: Niggas in Paris (Busta Rhymes Freestyle)

NO CHURCH IN THE WILD: visceral and subversive video by The High5Collective

Kanye West and Jay Z – No Church In The Wild (music video) from High5Collective on Vimeo.

Miami rapper Ghostwridah just dropped this the other day and it’s massive. He spits quick smart verses for the first two minutes. This isn’t the first time Ghost has tackled Kanye, as he remixed his entire Dark Fantasy album, which can be downloaded here.

[audio:|titles=No Church In The Wild (Freestyle)]

Download: No Church in The Wild (Ghostwridah Freestyle)

The super talented British producer/DJ/rapper Wiley comes in at 1:45 and drops just a few bars. Wiley’s starts the verse of weak, then brings it home nicely. He’s does a much better job on Mark Ronson’s “Record Collection”.

[audio:|titles=No Church In The Wild]

Download: No Church in the Wild (Wiley Freestyle)

OTIS: official video by Spike Jonze of a Batman Maybach

Arie ‘BeBe Boohgz’ Dixon, whom I’ve meant to do a feature on but I’m lazy, is a rapper that makes all songs he touches better. Check his site for his free takes on Drake, Frank Ocean, Eminem, and more. He’s gonna be big, and he’s that rare exception where his real name is better than his stage name.

[audio:|titles=Otis (jacked)]

Download: Otis (BeBe Boohgz Freestyle)

Two unsigned San Fran rappers Pmac and Adrian Per go back and forth on this beat just like Ye and Jay.


Download: Otis (Pmac and Adrian Per Freestyle)

A Skillz aka Adam Mills slices and dices up Otis to make it completely different sounding than the rest. Download this bad boy here at A. Skillz Facebook:

OTIS @A_SKILLZ Remix by A.Skillz


This is an old one from when H.A.M. dropped almost a full year before The Throne, Lupe Fiasco freestyles over it in a half-assed way, so we’re assuming this is a legit off the top of your head freestyle.


Download: H.A.M. (Lupe Fiasco Freestyle)

This is the song that garnered XV constant blog love, a sweet cover called Heroes Amongst Men.

[audio:|titles=H.A.M. (Heroes Amongst Men)]

Download: Heroes Amongst Men (XV Cover)


There seems to only be one good “Who Gon’ Stop Me” remix on the world wide web right now and it belongs to DJ Benzi and DJA, who give more airtime to Flux Pavilion. We just found DJ Benzi recently and he has some sick songs that are sure to be posted soon, like that killer Gym Class Heroes versus Easy Does It mash.

[audio:|titles=I Can’t Stop (Benzi & DJA Super Edit)]

Download: I Can’t Stop (Benzi & DJA Super Edit)

Last but surely not least, Market Price is the duo of Valentino & DJ GOJ!RA who “run the electronic music pick & roll like Stockton + Malone.” They remixed the entire damn album to create a wholly new dance record to play in clubs and parties:

Market Price x Jay-Z x Kanye West – Mark The Throne by Market Price

That’s all we had in our iTunes and our half-assed search through the internet. If we missed one, post it in the comments for us all to judge.