Download 5 New Songs From Drake’s Take Care

Drake‘s Take Care has leaked one week before the official street date of November 15th, which is better than his last album which leaked a full month in advance, hurting his album sales a bit. I don’t think he’s gonna have a problem this time around. Take Care is polished from top to bottom with what you expect from Drake, some slow songs about the ladies mixed with the hard stuff we all love.

We’re gonna post a few of the highlights, but first here’s all the tracks we’ve shared already: “Make Me Proud” ft Nicki Minaj, the first single “Headlines“, the Too Good For Radio-hated, but radio-loved “Marvin’s Room“, and the raw but not on the album “Dreams Money Can Buy“.

Crew Love ft The Weeknd – Rumors all month that The Weeknd would be featured in up to 4 songs, but nope, only this one heavily features The Weeknd. The 21 year old has such a distinctive sound for only being around this year.

Download: Drake – Crew Love ft The Weeknd

Take Care ft Rihanna – The title track beat is from Jamie XX‘s ‘I’ll Take Care of U’ from his Gil-Scott Heron album. Heron’s beat and Drake’s ex Ri (she’s famous enough for the one syllable name now) talk of love and lost bookend Drake’s slow-and-then-fast verse about living fast, dying young.

Download: Drake – Take Care ft Rihanna

Buried Alive ft Kendrick Lamar – Now the first six minutes are Marvin’s Room and a little interlude that slows the album down a bit, but then Kendrick Lamar slays it and drops a Rihanna reference aka a Drake diss on his whole track? Balls.

Download: Drake ft Kendrick Lamar – Buried Alive

Lord Knows ft Rick Ross – Drake gives his haters a very defensive few bars amidst noises “Huah!” from Rick Rosay, who ends the song with a boastful verse about money, drugs, and woman in his best Jay Z impression.

Download: Drake ft Rick Ross – Lord Knows

Practice – I shit you not, this is Drake’s great pseudo-cover of Juvenile’s 90s classic “Back That Ass Up” with the same chorus and beat, only twisted into The Weeknd-esque slow motion futuristic production.

Download: Drake – Pratice

Pre-order Drake’s Take Care here or buy it in stores November 15th.