MP3s: 3 Remixes of Childish Gambino’s “Bonfire”

We’ve gotten a lot of positive acclaim for our numerous Childish Gambino remix posts (here, here, and here) so here we go with another. One of our favorite songs of 2011, Donald Glover’s “Bonfire” has only been out a week but a couple of choice remixes have already been created.

No Pets Allowed asked his Facebook friends which song he should create next, we wanted to see what he could do with “Bonfire” and less than a few days later, the boy does not disappoint:

[audio:|titles=Bonfire (No Pets Allowed Remix)]

Download: Childish Gambino – Bonfire (No Pets Allowed Remix)

Next we have our boy Olu covering Gambino, which is a dream come true. Olu has already made 150 songs available for download, and he’s putting out his next mixtape Cover Letters real soon. (grab his Mac Miller and Kreayshawn freestyles). He goes off on this beat with his homie Tunde. “Olu is a mastermind..”

[audio:|titles=Bonfire ft Tunde]

Download: Olu ft Tunde – Bonfire

Lastly we have Nobody Famous who creates a blistering remix to the sadly clean version of “Bonfire”. Gambino’s vocals are over a scary beat which will surely go on our Halloween playlist. He’s got a bunch of other Gambino remixes on his Soundcloud.

[audio:|titles=Bonfire [Nobody Famous Remix]

Download: Childish Gambino – Bonfire (Nobody Famous Remix)