MP3s: Childish Gambino “Heartbeat” & “You See Me” Remixes

Camp‘s been out a week and sold over 50,000 units, placing it 11th best of the week. (Rumor is Drake’s Take Care did 700-750,000 sold.) We consider ourselves Childish Gambino remix experts, with over 3 full pages of remixes posted already on this site. Below are a full great remixes and mashups from Camp. Dload some new “Bonfire” takes here and here.

One of our favorite mixers DJ Bahler mashes “Heartbeat” with Crystal Castles and Health’s “Crimewave” (Midnight Cnspiracy Remix):

Hot Mess adds glitches and massive Asian drops to “You See Me”. I would lose my mind if I heard this up in da club:

The Knuckledusters add a progressive house twist to “Heartbeat”: