Video: The Weeknd – “King of the Fall”

The Weeknd released the visuals for “King Of The Fall” this weekend, and it’s lacking in sexiness. Personally I expect T&A from every single one of his videos because thats all I think about when I listen to his music. Its strictly for fucking; I don’t know anyone that bumps this shit just to bump it. Like you ever show up to the homies house and he’s just chillin’ playin’ Call of Duty listening to The Weeknd? I didnt think so. Ive never once been fucking bench pressing some embarrassing amount at the gym sitting there thinking “I wish I was listening to Wicked Games right now.”  This is purpose music, this is that lay her down and make her feel the complete opposite of the way your side chick feels music. Assuming your pimp hand is strong enough to even warrant such a thing.

Enjoy Bitches,