Another Lana Del Rey Megapost, Featuring Four New Songs Off Her Upcoming Album

Two months ago I wrote extensively about Lana Del Rey (LDR if you’re in a hurry) and suggested that she was almost famous. Officially famous now. It’s incredible how popular and divisive the 25 year old has become the last few months on the internet and within the music industry, all on the strength of two songs and a wave of controversy over her manufactured image. Is she popular based on her retro, gorgeous looks or her intoxicating music? Is it wrong to be an alleged corporate sellout?

“Video Games” is the gift that keeps on giving, as it’s probably the most remixed and sampled song of the year. We featured the super remix by Club Clique and now here’s a new chillstep take by Stylust and Keyz Da Vamp that I’ve had on repeat all day.

Also there have been some mesmerizing performances that have generated equal blog love and hate.

Jools Holland:

Popular German late night TV show “Inas Nacht” (my buddy just came back from Germany and reported they love her there):

The Artist Formerly Unknown as Lizzy Grant has been testing new material all over Europe the past few days, and below you can watch her perform four new songs. Very excited for her upcoming album and the onslaught of remixes.

“Off To The Races”

“Born 2 Die”


“Without You”