MP3: Me And Karen – “Ranger”

me and karen

Electro-pop groups have been catching my eye lately, and most of them have been a real treat. Many of these bands highlight the cool things about pop and how it can be done beautifully. One band in particular stands out from all of the rest, and though this may be a common statement, Me and Karen is really something unique.

The first song I heard from them, “Ranger”, is a gem. It first presents itself with hints of rock, but is then undressed to reveal the pop influences.

The group is made up of Michael and Karen, from Washington D.C and they have a lot going for them. The songs have outstanding productions and rhythms, the progressions are to die for, and the vocals are top notch. To bring it all together, despite the electronic sound, the songs all have a humanity that is hard to ignore. They easily both convey and evoke emotions.

If Me and Karen keep producing music of this caliber, I will surely continue to follow them. Upon investigating their catalog of work, I found that they have other songs of the same quality as “Ranger”, so check out their Souncloud if you are interested!