♫ Mashup Monday: GLDN Collective Edition ♫

Happy Mashup Monday boys and girls! Today we have a mashup treat courtesy of the GLDN Collective.

The Spring season is full of transformations and new beginnings, and the artists at GLDN have been busy transforming your favorite songs into brand new mashups for your listening pleasure.

This collection includes PennWallace, Ricky Cervantes, Frail Limb Purity, Flipboitamidles, Isosine, Dr. Brixx, and DJ Bahler. There’s also a feature from “Only Mashes Bonfire”, which, you guessed it, exclusively remixes Childish Gambino’s smash hit “Bonfire”. I think I’ve found my new favorite Soundcloud page.

Download the Spring 2014 album here, and follow the gents on Facebook, Twitter, and Soundcloud

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