Lyrically Twisted – The Untitled Mixtape


For those who dont know him LT aka Lyrically Twisted is the original advocate of what he calls the New Hip Hop. Son of a pop locking rapping father, LT was born into music. He began by writing poems and practicing spoke word. His music is based on his message of real hip hop. He tells a story every single track. The mixtape he just releases is the Untitled Mixtape. This shows his progression as an artist into one of the strongest storytellers around. The delivery is on point and the Pomona, CA native is able to weave strong lyrics and hooks over beats whose original songs sang a whole different tune. Grab this and check out his other music by liking his Facebook page.

This is the 3rd official mixtape from Lyrically Twisted. This project was put together for you…the fans. The song ideas and music were chosen based on suggestions fans and what they wanted to hear. This mixtape is Untitled in order to give the fans the opportunity to call it what they will.

Download: Lyrically Twisted – The Untitled Mixtape

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