Childish Gambino Feat. Beck – “Silk Pillow” + Download All 10 “Royalty” Leaks


Too Good For Radio or “Childish Gambino TMZ” rolls right along with another leak off Donald Glover’s rapping ego’s newest mixtape project that’s untitled but probably called Royalty. “Silk Pillow” unexpectedly starts off with Beck legit rapping. Yes, that Beck, who hands it off to a focused Gambino over a summer movie beat. Oh hey look, Pitchfork predictably shits all over this song. Fuck you Pitchfork! I like to scream that at least once a day, feels good.

Stream and download “Silk Pillow” right now, and below that catch up on all the new mixtape leaks Glover’s put out over the last months in chronologically order.

Download: Childish Gambino Feat. Beck – “Silk Pillow”

1. Eat Your Vegetables
2. The Switch, We Flexin’, Make Em Mad
3. Fuck Your Blog Feat. Flynt Flossy & Yung Humma
4. Unnecessary Feat. Schoolboy Q
5. Untitled, possibly “We Ain’t Them”
6. “Tell Me” Feat. Heems Of Das Racist
7. “Black Faces” Feat. Nipsey Hussle

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