Davey Diego feat. A_n_D of Skreamkrew – “Love and Hate”


I was sent this track by the guys at Skreamkrew (@skreamkrew) a couple weeks ago and I’ve had it on my chill playlist the whole time. It has a great flow and a strong message. The collaboration comes from Davey Diego and A_n_D. Both the rappers have a strong delivery that matches the emotions of the track. The raw beat allows the listener to focus on the lyricism of the artists. Skreamkrew is an entertainment group out of Maryland. This is the first track I’ve heard from the crew, but I have already told them to keep em coming. They are already starting to build a library of music on their Hulkshare so grab this Free track and check out the rest of the “krew.”

MP3: Davey Diego feat. A_n_D of Skreamkrew – “Love and Hate”

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