Emilio Rojas – “HiiiPoWeR”


Emilio Rojas is staying relevant this year with yet another release. Now, generally I dont dig it when powerful emcees use jacked beats (original HiiiPower was Kendrick Lamar’s). I almost didn’t even listen to this track because of the name and beat. That would have been a mistake. Emilio Rojas touches mad issues with this one and leaves no stone unturned. This is the kind of music that needs to be on the radio influencing people to do right, not to do Sprite packed full of purple delight. But “they” don’t want a bunch of free thinking, big government opposing individuals causing an uproar with some kind of new age hippy movement. The powers that be are like “Nah lets just keep playing that ignorant shit and people will roll with it.”

As listeners to good music it is your duty to change what were subjected to on a daily basis by not supporting the machine. Enjoy Bitches!


MP3: Emilio Rojas – “HiiiPoWeR”

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