Amel Larrieux – “Afraid”

amel larrieux afraid

As part of the 90s R&B duo Groove Theory, Amel Larrieux’s is best known for her timeless hit, “Tell Me” which remains one of my favorite songs ever. The band never released a follow up to their 1995 self titled album but that didn’t stop the New York singer from recording. After the Groove Theory project she shared her vocals on the track “You Will Rise” for the band Sweetback that was made of Sade’s backing musicians. Larrieux also released a solo album with Epic Records called Infinite Possibilities in early 2000. Later she developed her independent label Blissful Records and has gone on to release 3 solo records between 2004 and 2007. Her solo music has been featured in movie soundtracks and was even nominated for a Grammy in 2004 for a collaboration with singers Stanley Clarke and Glenn Lewis in “Where is the Love.”

In October she returned with her 5th solo album, “Ice Cream Everyday” which includes the single “Afraid” that was released late last spring.

The track perfectly blends classic and contemporary R&B highlighting Larrieux’s soothing tone. Like many of her 90s peers who have been replaced on radio by less impressive acts, Amel Larrieux is keeping soul alive by providing thought provoking lyrics that gently express love, sexuality and emotions with strong vocal arrangement and harmonies. In the future I hope to see a collaboration with Robert Glasper. Her voice would perfectly fit into Glasper’s Black Radio series.

To promote the new album Amel Larrieux will play a series of concerts in Chicago and New York. She continues to perform often with Bryce Wilson of Groove Theory.

Fun fact: Amel Larrieux went to high school prom with The Roots drummer Questlove.