Lana Del Rey & ASAP Rocky – “National Anthem”


Well here’s the full eight minute “National Anthem” video everyone on the blogosphere is yapping about. Lana Del Rey is a Jackie Onassis and Marilyn Monroe hybrid to ASAP’s Kennedy. If Instagram had a video service, this is what it would look like. Tons of retro filters and gorgeous scenery make “National Anthem” a beautiful, yet haunting music video.

The funniest review I’ve read comes from Hipster Runoff, who brings up his enlightened thoughts on race:

great video, great song, if you like songs about how much one white woman loves to be penetrated by black men, being rich, having hot interracial sex, creating ‘Oreo children’, and connects ‘the hip hop lifestyle’ to the ‘honky ass life of luxury.

Lana Del Rey and ASAP Rocky will collaborate on a song by The Kickdrums that will be featured in LongLiveA$AP. The Harlem rapper’s long-awaited debut will be out (of course) on September 11. Trilluminati.

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